Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Austin and Alayne Blackwell

I like how Ive had this for a long time but this is only my fourth post.. haha
Well everyone I am officially Alayne Blackwell now, I recievied my name change stuff in the mail :) Austin and I are doing well, Nashville TN is crazy beautiful and we are enjoying it. I am still looking for a job, if you guys know of any jobs I can do online or at home, anything is good... just need a way to earn money lol... Austin is enjoying selling Pinnacle security, he loves being able to talk to all the different people, door to door, it reminds him of his mission :) It's crazy to think we have already been married for a month! We both love being married and wouldn't have it any other way!
Our wedding day was amazing, everythihng was perfect from the temple ceremony to the flowers, The dresses that mom and the sisters worked so hard on were beautiful! And The Cake that Jenny Miller made was AMAZING! it really was the PERFECT cake! You can see it on their blog :) and then the pictures were amazing, cant wait to get them all! Lena and Aric did great! and reception set up, thank you to all those that helped make Austin and my special day wonderful! We love you all!!! Ill put pictures up later :)

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