Thursday, January 8, 2009

BYU Idaho

Well, I'm officailly a student at BYU ID. Yesterday and today were the first day of classes. I've been kept pretty busy since arriving. With Get Connected (like link crew only for three days). I love my roomates and have met some pretty awesome people thus far. The teachers are all very sincere and nice. As I thought, it is definitely a culture shock for me coming from UUW haha. It's crazy how different the spirit is. Before and after every meeting we say a prayer and the gospel is put into all of the curiculuim. I'm really excited for orchestra and my dance class! Every wednesday night they have country and swing dancing, it is so much fun! and on friday im going to check out the Latin dancing!! And then on saturyday is the kick off dance! I love it here so much, its like one big family :). However, I do miss the people back home a lot. And I miss having the kids to play with! Anyways, thats all for now!

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  1. your so cute... "thus far"... ahahaha! you are funny. You need to come here and I will clean your teeth, plus I will also let you see are condo! :-D miss you issy.

    p.s. FREAK OUT! da nana nanana nanana